Coming from a Design Research background myself, we always put users/customers in the center, meaning our insights and solutions are based on user’s needs, pain points and expectations. Of course this is a valid way to ensure that as an organization, we propose product or service that people actually need and desire.

But also, we should not forget that in business perspective. It is crucial to ensure that the product and service that are being proposed are generating value (money) to sustain the business.

The 3 lenses of innovation

If we get back to the basic of Human Centred Design, IDEO proposes the 3 lenses…

(an independent study)

Living in Jakarta is indeed bittersweet. It is one of the most interesting city to live in, the urban life is great, and the selection of lifestyle is one of the most diverse in the world. But we all know the caveat: Jakarta is one of the top city with the worst traffic condition. Traffic is congested daily, if not hourly. This has an effect, especially to travelers wanting to catch a flight at the airport. In most of our days, traveling from the city to the airport makes up more time than being on the flight…

Dono Firman

Sounds, Images, Words

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